Every time I speak my mission is to leave the audience inspired about the future energized about the present and grateful for the past. Time is precious and I pack every minute of my talks with practical tools and techniques so that inspiration can be moved into action. All my keynotes are engaging, dynamic and interactive.

I am known for my passion, energy, and ability to connect with the audience while translating information into inspiration. I combine heart and hustle to deliver top rated presentations and workshops that leave the audience with a renewed sense of optimism. I tap into hearts and minds of people so they leave empowered, energized and ready to implement the changes needed to create a life of purpose and passion.

Rooted in the science of positive psychology I teach people and teams to flourish and thrive by reframing their focus, redefining their failures and refueling their passion by asking high powered questions. It is my belief that to be at your happiest, most productive living into your full potential you need to be: Moving your brain, Moving your body, Moving your breath.

All of my talks can be adapted for breakout sessions and half and full day workshops. Most are customizable depending on your specific audience and needs. My keynotes are designed to have your audience return to the world happier, more productive, energetic and engaged.


If I can get this fit, so can most anyone. If you look at me and think I’ve never struggled with my weight or that I’ve been fit and athletic my whole life you’d be completely wrong! From 16 – 22, when I should’ve been in the best shape of my life, I was 20 to 25 lbs. heavier than I am now. I had bad posture. I wasn’t a natural at any team sports that I attempted and where I grew up in Queens, there was simply no one to mentor me or help me find a sport I enjoyed. My only physical outlets were swimming when I vacationed at my grandparent’s and dancing school. I studied dance for 10 years but quit when I graduated High School. By the time I went to college, I was in the worst shape of my life! I could not have been unhealthier and my self-esteem got worse as my fitness level deteriorated. This is when most people are at their physical peak. I joined a gym towards the middle of my senior year. A trainer put me on a workout program. I will never forget the day he introduced me to the Stairmaster and told me to do this 3 times a week for 20 minutes. I couldn’t do 5 minutes at level one!! Today, at 40+ years old, I can do hours of cardio, lift weights, row crew, work out with my clients and play with my dog. You can be in the best shape of your life at any age!


I do not consider myself genetically blessed. I don’t have the perfect set of genes. What I do have is a lot of stubbornness and a little OCD. According to all my doctors, I should not be able to do what I do. I should not be able to perform at the level I do and I should be in chronic pain. My right leg is very poorly aligned (my physical therapist referred to it as a “deformity”) which causes me to have tendonitis in my knee and hip plus has lead to several dozen sprained ankles. I also have Spinal Stenosis in my neck – an arthritic condition where the vertebrae calcify and press on the spinal cord and pinch the nerves. In 2004 I was in a car accident that could have paralyzed me had I not been in the physical condition I was in. I learned I needed emergency surgery and had to have a spinal fusion in my neck – 2 of my discs were herniated and I had lost feeling in the right side of my body. I had to stop working and training for 3 months before and after my surgery. It took me almost a whole year to rebuild my body to where it was before the accident. Unfortunately I will have this condition the rest of my life giving me 2 choices – either back way off my training and give up many of my favorite activities or find new ones. Since rehabilitating myself from the spinal fusion, I joined an Outrigger Canoe racing team (won 3 medals in my novice season!), learned to row crew – both sculling and sweeping, and got certified in teaching Pilate’s Reformer. When one door closes, another one will open – but often you need to be proactive and look for it!

  • Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer and Health Coach.
  • Spinning (former Master Trainer and IDEA presenter – traveled internationally)
  • Step Aerobics (former Master Trainer – traveled internationally)
  • Pilates Reformer instructor
  • Private Boot Camp Trainer
  • ACE, AFAA, Stott Pilates certified.
  • Profiled on USA Network for Subaru with my rescue dog Roscoe for their Character Profile series.
  • Infomercial Host, Writer and Producer. Provide expert testimonials.
  • Lead Trainer and creator of “Feel Fit Forever” fitness videos.
  • Testimonial Trainer for infomercials (yes, there’s often times someone helping those Before & After photos get exceptional results).
  • IDEA Blogfest Moderator
  • Fitness Pro on P90 videos. Fitness model on 2 seasons of CRUNCH! TV workout series and home videos.
  • Consultant for Guthy-Renker infomercials – advise on a variety of health and fitness products.
  • Writer/Producer and Host for corporate marketing and branding videos.
  • Yoga Model in Volkswagon Eos 2-page print ad.
  • TV news reporter for a CBS affiliate from 2000 – 2002. Worked as a General Assignment Reporter, Health and Fitness Reporter and Weekend Anchor.
  • Co-Host and Co-Producer for El Segundo Magazine – TV news magazine show on local cable from 1998 – 2000.
  • Writer and Associate Producer for “Healthy Living” – Body By Jake Prods. 5-min. health news interstitials on Fit-TV and Family Channel from 1996 – 1997.
  • Los Angeles Magazine – 1996, one of LA’s best Spinning Instructors.
  • Working on providing eBooks and more video content for you!
  • Interests outside of work.
  • Being on the water. I loved rowing with a rowing club, Outrigger canoeing on a team….. next is learning to sail!
  • Being on the beach. Whether it’s doing a beach workout or sipping a Mojito, count me in!
  • Hiking.
  • Playing with my rescue dogs. Louie & Rizzo.
  • “Reading” audio books.
  • Volunteering (various animal adoption orgs. and tutoring high school drop outs in South Central for “A Place Called Home”) Music. These days I just listen and play DJ in my fitness classes, but there was a time when I played (poorly but I sure tried!)